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 Brian  Hertzock  is  an  International  Director/Producer,  but  has  always had a passion for  working  with  local   Baton Rouge   film   professionals   as   well   as  international  projects  directing   films,   TV  commercials,  TV  shows,   music  videos,   documentaries   and  more.  Brian  brings  a  global  quality   and   experience   to   service   the  city   that   gave   him  his  first   break.    "Thank   you  to  the  good  people  of   Baton  Rouge."    says  Brian  Hertzock.

Brian Hertzock,Film Director,NEW ORLEANS,BATON ROUGE

Brian  is  the  CEO  of  Hertzock  Entertainment & Films   located   in   the   Celtic   Studios  in  Baton Rouge  Louisiana  with  main  stream   production capacity  in addition to more independent studios on  Bluebonnet Blvd  near  the  Mall of Louisiana. Creating  flexibility  Brian’s additional studios are a  great     budget     friendly   option    for  smaller projects.   Hertzock   Entertainment also  services  

business peoples  visions. Now local  Baton  Rouge film  professionals as well as international  projects directing    films,    TV   commercials,   TV   shows  music   videos,  documentaries   and  more. Brian

brings  a  global  quality  and  experience  to  service  the  city  that  gave  him  his first break. "Thank you to the good people of  Baton  Rouge."   says  Brian  Hertzock. Brian  is  the  CEO of   Hertzock   Entertainment   &   Films   located   in   the   Celtic  Studios  in   Baton   Rouge

Louisiana   with   main   stream   production   capacity   in   addition   to  more   independent

studios   on   Bluebonnet   Blvd    near   the  Mall  Of  Louisiana.  Creating  flexibility   Brian’s additional  studios are  a  great  option  and  budget  friendly for  smaller projects.   Hertzock Entertainment  also  has  educational   components  one  for Disabled  Veterans and a unique course  that  is  the  alternative to  a  university  getting people in Louisiana job ready for  the film  industry  working  in real  studios  getting real experiences and real work history totally hands on."Film Access Academy"Servicing  the  world and feeding Louisiana is Brian's vision

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