TV & Film Production Classes

Voice Acting- Voice-Over Classes

Covering almost every

job on a film/TV crew.

Film  editing, audi, or

director/producer this

is  an  advanced  class

just for you.  Optional

 screenplay  /  script 

writing  groups  with

real  script   writers.



TV & Print Modeling Classes.   Adults   and teen programs. Entry         level getting  you into       the business the right     way.  Perfect for the  beginner. 

TV & Print Modeling Classes

Radio Broadcasting Classes

       Studio Recording

Your radio broadcast

future starts right here.

If you looking to work

in radio or broadcast

as a professional  on

the internet, podcast 

or anything else, you can

get to work soon.



All  classes  are  held  in

a  Pro  ADR   multitrack

recording  studio, audio

 playback    every    class 

with  top equipment for 

recording monthly class 

 projects.   One   of    the  

most progressive  Voice

Acting   classes   in   the

country in Baton Rouge.

Advanced Production & School of the Arts 

Baton Rouge, Louisiana