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Voice Acting Class

Brian Hertzock

Class Instructor 

31 years in the voice industry

This course is designed to assist in developing it’s students vocal styles and  voice  control  to  maximize  each  students  range.   Students are developing,  polishing   and  placing  their  voice  in  a  more  useable position in the entertainment industry.  The end result is to book more voice work, acting and create a  successful career. This is one of the most progressive Voice Acting classes in the country, extremely detailed with very small class sizes. A limit of seven voice actor students in this class keep a personal feel in a group setting.

Seven voice students per-class!

Small class size!







Student project “Toy Story 3"

Just one of Film Access's out side of the box class projects. Our sister company, Hertzock Entertainment & Films is an international motion picture and television production company. This alone make our resources like studios and top equipment unbelievable! This is the reason Film Access Academy projects are out there and OVER THE TOP in class projects. Film Access Academy is for the serious, present and future winners of the entertainment  industry.  Contact to see if we have room for you in the following month.

Brian Hertzock

Movie Trailer

Voice Demo

    Using voice acting to

 enhance public speaking.

Changing the game for,


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"Voice Acting and Stuttering"


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               Renee' Martin,

"The Princess and the Frog" Class project.

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Celtic Studios Baton Rouge LA.


Your Dream Voice Acting Studio!

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