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Film Access Academy Voice Acting Class



The Basics


Voice Acting at the Celtic Studios is one of the most progressive voice acting classes in the country. All classes are held in a ADR Screening room production studio and monthly projects are recordings in a multi track recording studio. 



Extra Benefits 


This is not the typical  sitting in a circle voice class. All classes have a professional studio recording component that allows the voice actor to hear their own voice during every part of development. A monthly recording ( Included) at the end of each month to drive progress.  All monthly finished recordings are available to students to track progress and or create an audio reel to secure voice work. 



Mega Tools for Success


All classes record for voice development with headphones production microphones recording with Immediate playback for student self adjustment reference. A 20 foot projection  screen with real time wave generation of voice wave patterns make this program not just audible but with visual reference. This means you not only hear what you're doing on playback but also seeing what you are doing. All training is custom with one on one attention in a small group setting. (Maximum 7 seats available in this class) All classes are directed by a professional and has to be actively working as a producer and or director in the film and TV production industry as if you were truly on a real voice job. 



What to Expect


All voice actors experience voice control with improvement the first class and rapidly improving throughout the time they are exposed to class. Voice students also assist in performance critiques of fellow classmates with positive encouragement and effective support. We use techniques that assist students, articulating what they have recently learned and is a very effective way to reinforce what they have acquired in the program. 



Structured Motivation 


Once per month there is a recording project selected by the instructors or sometime students. The objective is to record a professional voice project. First second and third weeks are development for the fourth week professional recording.  Improvement is acquired quickly in this manner as students are aggressively  pulled through the projects directed under close watch of the producer/instructor in the exact same manner as if you were working  on and actual professional voice project  in the industry. As real as real get is how voice actors get it done through our program!



Weekly class day and time:

Thursdays 6:00 p.m. -  8:00 p.m.








Class Room




Celtic Studios

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