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Both Group and Private Class Rates

Voice Acting Class

Privates/One on One

Private weekly one hour class sessions regularly scheduled.Same details as group just more direct attention in class.






Month to month no contract 











Month to month no contract 

$495 Mo.

Privates/One on One

Private one on one sessions NO regularly schedule NO


            Strait at you                         Personal as it can get..

Helping students to connect to    them selves in a manner

   allows  the true mastery to  become present from with in.

  Also good for prepping for                   auditions!     


No contract

$195 Hr.

A  weekly  two  hour  class. Voice   Acting  Pro  Classes has the power punch to drive the  more  serious  students with heavy concentration in voice control, breathing and  convincing execution in art of acting.Get more job ready for industry opportunities! 




Month to month no contract 

Group Classes

$320 Mo.

Seven Students maximum 

Call 800-674-9893 for available seating and enrollments.

One on one 

Group Class

One on one

Group Class Info:


Class time is 6- 8pm on Thursdays. You must enroll before entering class as seating is very limited for effectiveness and more personal attention.


Call (800) 674 - 9893 for quickest response.

Want to lock your seat in for the next month? Call and find out what program is best for you. If there is an available seat for the program you want to sign up for you can pay in person or online to quickly lock your seat in. 


Message or call and GET MOVING!


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Gift Cards can be purchased for any classes.

Mailing list

Just sign up to our special offers and  events info mailing list!  

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 Payments are made in person or online

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